About us

The Council on Migration convened in 1998 as a nationwide union of migration researchers and academics from various disciplines and became a registered non-profit organization in 2000. The work of the approximately 190 council members and the Board is based on volunteer-driven structures. Its administrative office is located in Berlin. The Board consists of five nationwide operating academics.

The organization’s central mission is to critically monitor German politics and public debates on matters of migration and integration. Since its founding in 1998, the Council on Migration calls for differentiated, democratic, and solutions-oriented policy-making in these fields. Its work is supported by the Freudenberg Foundation.

The Council’s charter defines the organization’s role in the following way: “The Council on Migration considers migration and integration to be central issues and tasks for society, the economy, politics, and culture. The Council advocates for active policy-making on migration and integration issues through producing scholarly papers, public statements, consultancy and projects.“

The researchers work together in six areas: “Education and Language”, “Gender and Sexuality”, “Religion”, “ Cities and Regions”, “The Postmigrant Society” and “Migration, Escape and European Boarder Regime”. In 2017, the Council published a manifesto that demanded radical change in German immigration and refugee politics.

Our focus is on migration debates in Germany. Unfortunately, we cannot translate all of our content. Upon request, we can put you in touch with international colleagues who can provide you with information in English. Please contact: info@rat-fuer-migration.de